3.09 Hotel Utah

This Friday, make plans to come to the Hotel Utah in San Francisco for a killer show. Red Light Mind is performing with Tribes from the UK (they’re awesome), and debuting all of our new music. Get ready for something you’ve never seen before!

This is our first ‘Frisco show of 2012, so we need all of you (and your friends) to come out and support! Plus, you’ll get to meet and hear Tribes, which you will not regret.

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Hello, Revivalists. The live experience album Dark City Moan is undergoing its final stages of construction! We’ve recently been in the studio hammering out some final flourishes, and believe me when I say that we appreciate your patience and sincerely hope that you are prepared to experience Red Light Mind leaner, meaner and more intense than you’ve ever known before.

Look out, Byron: these next couple shows are going to knock your socks off. And San Francisco, all I can say is, “Get ready.” It’s time to sing it like you mean it, people.